Sohang Maharaj Sher Singh Vishnu Bhagwan Di Jai

Akal Purakh, Nehaklank, avtar chaubisa (24th) on earth. Read complete Janam Sakhi Maharaj Sher Singh ji

Sohang Maharaj Sher Singh Vishnu Bhagwan Di Jai

Maharaj Puran Singh ji. Kalki Avtar, Noori Abba, whatever name you are waiting him with. Get complete information about him.


What is Harsangat? Who are we? Who are Harbhagats? Click to know more about us

AkalPurakh, Kalki Avtar, Nahaklank, at world religious conferene Ramlila maidan New Delhi

Akal Purakh On the Stage of World Religious Conference Giving Guidance to World, Telling everyone about himself and suggesting everyone to be united and stand by principles.

Word Religious Conference
Shabad Photo

Shabad Photo. An excerpt from harbani giving summary of a majority of questions. Hazoor Sachepatshah ji advised every member of Harsangat to remember it and keep a copy of one at home

The Almighty, being waited in the world by various groups by the names of Noori Abba, Imam Mehdi(Mehandi), Kalki avtar, AkalPurakh, Nehaklank Avtar etc already came to earth and created largest religous literature ever created in the form of 24 Harbani Granths. You can read all of them here.

Harbhagat Dwar Jethuwal

21 Harbhagat Dwars, Gurmukh Dwars, Dhams, Ghat, Sarovars etc which are already built or will be built as and when The Almighty desires. Get complete Information about them here

Nishan Sahib

Satranga Nishan Sahib. The one which will be there on entire earth.

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