Harbhagat Dwar

 Harbhagat  Dwar (Hari + Bhagat + Dwar) the home of  devotees, of  the  Supreme Lord. It  belongs  to all  those,  who  have  love  and  devotion  in  their hearts for  the  one  Almighty  Supreme Lord, and seek  His  protection  alone. It  can  be yours too !  if  you  have  

love   and    a   soft  corner  for  others, without  any discrimination  on  the  basis  of  cast, creed, gender or religion. It’s  really easy  to  make The Lord happy, if  you can just  “Live  and Let Live” his other creation happily. Because  He is the creator of all, so for Him  the  Human rights  and  the  Animal  rights  have the equal importance. A few of us may not like  the idea but it’s a hard fact. (courtsey:sohang.com)

There will be 21 Harbhagat Dwars build on entire planet. Where Harbhagats will come and say prayers and have meetings. 

Currently Harbhwgatdwars are built at 

1. Jethuwal, Amritsar
2. Delhi