If there is no proof of God. Why shouldn’t I just do whatever I want and not fear going to hell?

No one can. But here is what I see.

4 scenarios can exist.

  1. God exist you believe. You won.
  2. God don’t exist you believe. Nothing lost.
  3. God don’t exist you don’t believe. Nothing lost. (Except if you don’t follow ahimsa and other rules in which case a lot might be lost)
  4. God exist you don’t believe…. (And actually do sin) Now burn in hell ..

See… you lose nothing when you believe.

You risk losing everything if you don’t beleive.

Please don’t start on how religion created hate and wars..

  1. Religion is man made concept to divide people. No messenger of god created new religion. We people started saying them with different name and hence declared them religion.
  2. God don’t promote violence. God guides us to live most happy and peaceful healthy life possible.
  3. People who use religion for personal profits are the ones who make point number 2 above seem impossible.

People are wrong god isn’t.

So in nutshell. Be a good person beleive in god. Sometimes you may need a little fear to be good person. But if you do everything good because of fear only. You won’t achieve ultimate achievement. You will reach only heaven. God don’t want you to fear him. God loves when you love him and do anything for love. Do good deeds for his and his creations love.

You got nothing to lose.

Unless you are trying to find excuse to be bad person.. tell me God don’t exist so I can be bad. Well bad news for you bro. You won’t achieve the best. You will be stuck in cycle of life and death heaven and hell.