References of 24th Avatar in Different Religions

According to the Hindu religion the Kalki Avtar (God) will come
And according to Buddhist religion the Metri Buddha (God) will come

Metri means (mitter Pyara/ Dear(Loving) Friend) and Buddha means Some one with all the knowledge. 
Kalki Purana, Ram Chrit Manas, Gita, Bible, Aftabe Aalam, Angeel, Qyamat kab Ayegi etc all Books contains references in which it is written that God himself will come.

Jesus Christ have said that he will come again with his Aba (Father), Arshi Aba (Father from beyond skies), Noori Aba (God),
In bible there is also written proof that in year 1914 the King of Kings will come, the Lion of lions will come, the Lord of lords will come, One Almighty God will come on this earth from heaven.
In Hadees Prophet Mohammand said that in end of 14th century of Muslim Religion my “Imam Mehdi”, “Khuda Pak” will come to this earth. “is Dharti pe Roohnma hoga ae mussalmano tum uski beint karo Matlab tumko agar gootno k bal bhi untak jana pade to tum zaroor jana aur unhay mera Salaam kehna” Even if you have to travel on knees you must go to him and say my “Salaam” to him.

In Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Satgur Nanak Dev ji’s bani say “Nehkalank hoaye utersi Mahabali Avtar, sant raksha yug hug kare dusta kare singaar, naya dhram chalayesi jag hoye homay bar, Nanak kalyug taarsi Kirtan Naam Aadhar” which loosely means Nehaklank avtar will come, the one who protects his devotees and puts an end to the crime/misdeeds , he will start a new religion when the world will be absorbed in themselves…….

In Shri Guru Granth sahib ji, there is also written proof about the coming of God.
Page no. 1141 of Shri Guru Granth sahib ji
Written proof :- “Pita humare pargatte maaz, pita poot ralkini saanj, kahu nanak jeon pita ptine, pita poot eka rangleene”
It’s meaning is Satgur Nanak ji is saying that :-
“Pita humare pargatte maaz” means God will come in Maaz (Region which includes Amritsar) from heaven.
“Pita poot ralkini saanj” means pita (God) and poot (Gobind Shabad) will come together.
“Kahu Nanak jeon pita ptine, pita poot eka rangleene” means Nanak say that just like the God himself will be his son.
In Dasam Granth by Guru Gobind Singh ji, there is a written shalok in page 526 and that is
“Sambal Naresathe Kahiyan”
Sam+bal = Sambal means Sam (khud/ Self ) and “bal” means power, which means The one GOD will create his own body with his own power and will descend in it.

Naresathe kahiyan means  Narayan Nar (Man of the Men /Naro ka Nar) will come.

In Dasam Granth sahib ji there is page no. 375 and in this page the lines are :-
“Paap Samooh binashan ko kal Kalki Avtar kahaaye ge, turkash turang kapash barho kar kaad kirpaan kpabhege, nikse jin kehar jo parvat te tab soob dibalya pabhge, bal baag beya eh sambal ke harju Harmaindir aavenge.”
Satguru Gobind Singh ji also said that, “I will come again with my Akaal Purakh Waheguru ji with the passage of 250 years of Sikhism”

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